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Adibio proposes innovative products for a comprehensive production with a better and lower use of antibiotics and antiparasites.


Adibio is part of an important Spanish Agroindustrial group, with presence in different sectors. Fertilizing, mining, meat production and commercialization.



Our portfolio comprises a wide range of vegetable extracts with a strong emphasys on standardization and chemotyping for offering consistent quality in every product. We too, proudly commercialize, products from other prestigious partner companies.

Effective Botanicals

Our products are designed for improving intestinal health and animal inmunity and wellbeing. Our strategies combine nutritional programation and early adaptation of inmune system in new born animals. 

Free Antibiotic Programs

It is not only posible to produce antibiotic free meat, but it is profitable too. But of course, this is not a question of a “miracle product”.  One strategy, different tools.

Diagnostic Services

Adibio  is offering to its customers diagnostic services for the main swine enteric and digestive pathogenic microorganisms. We collaborate with Aquilón and Digesporc (León University).

With proper conditions we can offer this service outside Spain.  

-Swine disentery
-Clostridium sp


More Energy intake                

Inflamatory Status

Reinforces Inmune System


Different needs, Different products. For its use in feed Factory and farm.


Adbio’s team is comprised by a multidisciplinary team with  a strong technical profile. All our profesional life was dedicated to  pharma and additives industry with emphasys in swine and aquaculture production.

Imma Novell

Administration and Logistics

Carmelo Álvarez

Commercial Manager. Veterinarian

Raúl Lopez

Technical Deparment and International Sales. Agronomist Eng.

Jordi Marca

COO. Business Administration.

Abelardo López

Swine pathologist. Veterinarian 

Joan Marca

Master in Animal Sciences. Veterinarian.

Andrés Donadeu

GlobalFeed Head of Nutrition. Veterinarian.

Pablo Martín

Botanics Product Manger. PhD Veterinarian.


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Adibio is a Globalfeed and Tervalis company